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Domain Names
Choosing the Right Domains

Website Marketability

  • Make sure your domain name reflects your business, your products and services and any company identity you wish to protect.
  • Make it memorable and intuitive
  • If your business needs to make a global impression choose a .com domain name. Top level domains are usually used in the following ways:
    .com - businesses or commercial enterprises
    .net - network solution providers, Internet companies and Infrastructure companies
    .org - charitable and non-profit making organisations and pressure groups

Optimising visitor numbers

  • Register other relevant domain names and make it easier for visitors to locate your site. Your company name may often be shortened or abbreviated in which case you should register these words as domain names. You may also want to register a gTLD such as .com along with a ccTLD such as .co.uk or .co.au. This ensures you cover all possibilities and will enable your customers to reach your site much more easily.
  • Protect and promote your brands by registering domain names for them.
  • .com, .net and .org domains can now be up to 67 characters in length. Not only is this good news for companies with long names, it has created an opportunity to increase the number of hits on your sites.
Technical do�s and don�ts<

  • Domains are not case sensitive, but it is advisable to publish your name in lower case.
  • No punctuation is allowed except a hyphen �-�. Hyphens cannot be used at the beginning or end. Domains cannot include spaces.
  • Numbers can be used and can sometimes give you a better, more memorable name eg. Search4this.com
Flexible registration At ACPost Webhosting: You can register domains for one to ten years, giving you total flexibility

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