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SNI has partnered up with Authorize.Net to provide simple and efficient business on the Internet and at home. We will take care of the complex issues for you and you can take care of your business. You choose the style, whether it is by managing your transactions over the Internet, using a keypad to enter information or you may even choose to enter and run your business transactions through a PDA!!

Authorize.Net offers tremendous benefits to traditional businesses, e-businesses, financial institutions, Internet Service Providers, Web developers, and others looking for a secure, reliable payment authorization solution that doesn't require a huge investment in new hardware, software, or bandwidth. For more detailed information about the Authorize.Net family of products, visit the links below:

Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal
Virtual Terminal is a component of Authorize.Net which allows Merchants who have Internet access, to manually enter transactions without the need for an Internet storefront. The perfect solution for traditional businesses looking for a faster, easier way to authorize and manage credit card transactions.

Authorize.Net WebLink
Existing Internet storefronts can be linked by the supplied HTML code, or by a proprietary Shopping Cart program. Brings the fast, reliable, secure transaction processing capabilities of Authorize.Net to storefronts on the Web.

Authorize.Net Wireless
AirPay from Authorize Net provides free software to give merchants the ability to authorize transactions in real-time using a wireless PDA.

Makes it easy for Web-based and traditional businesses to accept electronic check payments.

To lean more about the Intergrated Payment Service and to apply for an account, Click here

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