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Reliable and Secure Connections.

At ACPost we provide internet connections and reliability to all of our customers. With redundant connections to the internet backbone we give a 99% uptime guarantee. Connectivity is provided through UUNet Technologies, Frontier GlobalCenter, Savvis Communications, and Sprint.

The connections go through multiple points of entry into the data center providing traffic the ability to be rerouted down other connections in the event of a break in fiber.

We use Sun Microsystems L1000 backup solutions for all client data. In the event of loss of power, we automatically switch to UPS Symmetra backups. After 30 minutes, our natural gas generator takes over, powering our entire operation as long as needed. We are running RAID-5, dual processors, and dual power supplies in all servers.

All this is just one part of our dedication to make sure your site is up and stays that way.

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